Main Products
    1. Tricone Drill Bit
    2. Tricone Drill Bit
      As one of the most commonly used oilfield drill bits, our tricone bit is a primary tool used for drilling, and is widely used for oil and gas exploitation.
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    1. Kelly
    2. Kelly
      We are a professional kelly manufacturer and supplier in China. Our oil drilling kelly, a type of drilling equipment, is driving section of the whole drill stem.
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    1. Drilling Jar
    2. Drilling Jar
      Our drilling jar consists of ZSJ drilling up jar and ZXJ drilling down jar, both of which can be mutually used or separately operated. The up jarring section adopts hydraulic mechanism.
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    1. Mud Pump
    2. Mud Pump
      F series mud pumps in terms of manufacturing technique and quality. They feature advanced design, compact structure, reliable use, and are simple to maintain.
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    1. Drilling Manual Tongs
    2. Drilling Manual Tongs
      Type Q31/2-17/90 drilling manual tong is used to make up or break out the screws of drill tools and casing joint or coupling. It can also be adjusted by changing latch lug jaws and latch steps.
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    1. Mud Agitator
    2. Mud Agitator
      A mud agitator is one of the most commonly-used solid control equipment. It is used to continuously mix the drilling liquid with impeller evenly and make the cuts suspend in the drilling liquid.
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    1. Annular Bop, Ram Bop
    2. Annular Bop, Ram Bop
      Bop, or blow out preventer, is an essential piece of wellhead control equipment for oil drilling operation. It will provide great protection in case the well blows out with a big pressure from the underground.
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    1. BOP Control System
    2. BOP Control System
      Our BOP control system is the wellhead control equipment used to control the BOP stacks, choke and kill valves in the well drilling and workover operations. It is manufactured in accordance with API Spec 16D.
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